I am somewhat amused by the outcry from people in the entertainment industry demanding that other entertainers boycott participation in the Super Bowl halftime show in support of Colin Kaepernick. One such “entertainer,” comedian Amy Schumer, went as far as to say she would not appear in any Super Bowl commercials.

How narcissistic and naïve can these people be? Are they so important and worldly that the rest of us common folk need to stand up and pay attention to those who make a living in the make-believe world? Frankly, not having Amy Schumer appear on television will enhance my viewing experience.

Back to Mr. Kaepernick for a moment. I get that he was attempting to bring attention to what he felt was racial injustice. It is commendable for high-profile individuals to try to shed light on perceived inequities. However, his methods have far overshadowed his message.

He and his supporters were not prepared for the subsequent backlash and the residual effects of his actions. I personally took offense at his ridiculing law enforcement officers with his pig socks and more so at his 2017 tweet comparing law enforcement officers today to runaway-slave patrols of the 18th and 19th centuries.

In 2018, 150 officers died in the line of duty, with 63 being murdered at the hands of another. So far in 2019, nine officers have died. Every one of those officers would have performed their duties to protect Mr. Kaepernick and the other celebrities so they could live their elite and privileged lifestyles. My message to Mr. Kaepernick and the astute members of the entertainment industry: Welcome to the real world.

Steven Edmondson


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