District 2 City Councilor Spencer Thibodeau has announced his intention to run for the mayor of Portland in the upcoming election (Jan. 9).

This announcement is gladly received. Mr. Thibodeau has been our councilor for the past two years, and he has been receptive and responsive each time we have had to contact him. His interest in Portland is genuine, and he wants to develop change for the better and ensure the legacy of this wonderful city.

Mr. Thibodeau believes in working together with accountability and openness. He has worked and will continue to work for education, solutions to homelessness, climate and environmental protections, lower property taxes and affordable housing, among other issues.

His work as the chair of the Transportation and Sustainability Committee has already brought new bike lanes and other changes to Portland, and he will continue that vision as the mayor of this great city. Mr. Thibodeau believes that “together we rise,” and that is how he will channel the city toward the future as mayor.

Nora Graves