I read all of your papers mostly every week. I find it a fairly good way to find out what’s happening locally. News that really matters to local people. I read Edgar Allen Beem’s column, as well as the other opinion writers’ offerings. To Beem’s credit I have to say a few weeks ago I read his column, and he didn’t once refer to President Donald Trump (first time?), although he is as anti-Trump as anyone. Last week, however, he sparked a need for this email; I wonder if you will print it. I respect his right to his opinion, I hope he respects my right to my opinion, as well. He called Trump supporters “Trump’s wall nuts.” I have just one question for him: Do you think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her “la la pelosers” are doing any better? I think both sides have lost their way, and are acting like spoiled brats. They want what they want and they want it now. No talking, no compromise, no nothing. So what does our government do?

Chris Roy