I’d like to offer some personal input on the article “Titans of beer industry betting on drinks containing cannabis” (Jan. 17), by Damian J. Troise of the Associated Press.

The issue I have is based solely on the content of this article, and has nothing to do with the man who wrote it. In fact, I think he did a relatively good job not showing any bias. However, I have a few concerns about infusing drinks with cannabis.

You see, I’m against the recreational use of marijuana, or marijuana in general at that. I have a lot of concerns about the safety and sanity of the Maine people.

Some people argue that marijuana is just like alcohol, in the sense that both are an impairing drug, which is true. And I would never advocate for somebody to get behind the wheel after a long night of drinking. But that’s exactly where a key difference is between alcohol and marijuana.

Alcohol can be moderated, meaning we could have a drink or two (depending on the size of the person) and still be OK to drive. Whereas with marijuana, there is no moderation. Once you are high, you are high. There is no safe way to see how high someone is, such as the Breathalyzer for seeing someone’s blood-alcohol content.

I don’t want to put another drug into the hands of the general public that could cause more accidents on the road. We have our hands full as it is with drunken drivers, distracted drivers, wildlife and so on. Why add another problematic thing to the list?

Gage LeFay

Old Town