BATH — In Bath, one tattoo studio is giving animal lovers a chance to show their appreciation of pets permanently while helping a good cause.

On Friday, Sea Side Studios will be inking paw tattoos all day, with the proceeds going to support Souly Maine Rescue Pets in Bath. Souly Maine Rescue Pets helps find homes for dogs from Maine and rescues other dogs from out-of-state shelters that euthanize animals to find new homes in Maine.

Christina Hughes of Sea Side Studios said that paw print tattoos would cost around $60, and adding a name would likely increase the price to $80.

Hughes said that she would be paying the tattoo artists to cover the supplies, but the rest of the money, about 60 percent of the sales, would be going to Souly Maine Pets Rescue.

Last fall, Sea Side Studios held a similar event as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Hughes and the other tattoo artists inked purple ribbon tattoos to raise awareness of the issue with the proceeds going to help New Hope for Women.

Janet Heard, who runs Souly Maine Pets Rescue, has been working in animal rescue work for years now.

“I’ve been doing this since Hurricane Katrina,” said Heard. “I’ve worked for a couple other rescues … then I wanted to do more Maine dogs, so I started Souly Maine Pets Rescue.”

“She has such a good heart,” said Hughes. “It takes a special person, and Janet is a special person. She is wonderful.”

Heard launched the nonprofit in 2016, and since then has cared for hundreds of dogs from Maine and other places. She takes in animals from out of state kill shelters as well and helps them find new homes.

Currently, Souly Maine Pets Rescue is looking after about 30 dogs, most of which stay with foster families until a new owner comes forward.

She posts the animals on, and many times they have potential owners lined up before they even enter the state.

Hughes explained that after volunteering with Heard for some time, she was inspired to use Sea Side Studios to help her and her operation financially. Between vet bills, food and other supplies, taking care of the animals carries a significant financial burden. According to Heard, it costs an average of $500 per animal to take care of them, bring them back to good health and find them new owners.

“The vet bills are astronomical,” said Heard. “I get a lot of food donated, but we always need leashes and collars and harnesses and jackets. You know, it’s expensive.”

She generally charges between $375 and $325 for adoption rates, but she has to rely on bottle drives and donations to make up the remaining costs.

“We make it work,” said Heard with a laugh.

Heard and Hughes said that they would be collecting dry goods and pet supplies on Friday as well. Anything from cleaning supplies to blankets to dog food would be appreciated, she said.

Hughes said that she would be giving away gift certificates to people who donated supplies; $10 gift certificates to people who bring one item, and a $20 gift certificate for two or more items.

People who want to get tattoos will be served on a first come first served basis. Heard said that she would try to bring over some of the rescue animals during the day to welcome people.

Doors will open at 10 a.m., and Hugh said they’ll try to continue until everyone is served.

Those looking to volunteer with Souly Maine Pets Rescue or acting as a foster family for a dog can contact Heard at (207) 841-9622 or [email protected]

[email protected]

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