As Sen. Susan Collins gears up to run for re-election next year, it’s time to assess what she has accomplished over the past two years of majority Republican rule.

I’ve just done my taxes and discovered that I owe $2,535 more than I paid last year as a result of her vote for massive tax cuts for the rich and increases for the rest of us. That same vote is also costing us huge increases in the deficit, leading to renewed Republican attacks on Social Security and Medicare.

But can we depend on Collins to defend them? Not likely, given her misplaced assurances to defend the Affordable Care Act or her promise that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh would not vote to overturn precedent on Roe v. Wade, which he has already indicated he would do.

As American lobstermen, farmers and manufacturers also suffer huge losses from Republican trade wars with China, can we really afford to even consider nominating or re-electing her?

Thomas Spear


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