As a born-again Christian/evangelical, I deeply distrust Donald Trump’s recent statement regarding abortion.

Trump declared, before a meeting of evangelicals, that he is strongly anti-abortion. Evidently, Trump has gone after the single-issue voters. They focus on abortion and ignore Trump’s actions, which show a total disregard for our nation and people.

A few thousand-plus children are traumatized in escaping tyranny, then “orphaned” (plus, the parents of these children). Then, hundreds of thousands of federal workers and their families without income during the shutdown, because of a misguided focus on one solution for border security. Mind you, it is one border and one ineffective solution. Plus, the subtle, yet continuous dismantling of our rule of law bound into the balance of power.

We are still a democracy. We may well become a dictatorship. Yet, one-issue voters with tunnel vision give a great cheer.

Abortion, to me, is not to be a method of birth control. But sometimes a woman and her doctor may agree that an abortion (early on) is the best choice. An example: When giving birth would ensure a rapist’s inclusion in one’s life forever, as father of the baby-to-be. And when the mother is underage and not really developed enough to be a mother.

For Trump to use abortion as a voter’s lure is hypocritical. Trump cares not for anyone but himself and then money.

Sally Rollins


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