Gov. Mills should take all the money she’s spending to, in effect, facilitate heroin use and retrofit every drafty home lived in by ratepayers, and provide us all with heat pumps and electric cars. New windows would be good, too, and solar panels like she’s installing in her new mansion. This would put thousands of Mainers to work and truly lower carbon emissions.

Then a subsidy – not just for the truly poor but also for the working poor and those on fixed incomes – if we can’t afford to pay Central Maine Power as CMP continues to skim 15 percent off our inflated bills with no resolution in sight at the Public Utilities Commission.

She can serve the people, instead of expecting us to serve her, and get behind Rep. Seth Berry’s brave and bold proposal to create a consumer-owned utility, which is backed by over 7,400 ratepayers (that we know of) and nearly 4,000 more at Say NO to NECEC. Out with the old, time for something new.

Who was she elected to serve – her corporate buddies or the people of Maine?

Nancy Sosman