The Senate is soon going to vote on the Green New Deal. The move to rush a vote on the plan is being led by Mitch McConnell in an attempt to stifle constructive work on this newly drafted proposal. Like any new proposal, this document will need time to be reviewed, revised and edited before it is ready to be voted on. Bringing it to a vote so quickly stops that work.

The people of the United States deserve and demand that our country aggressively address climate change. That is what the Green New Deal, brought forward by Sen. Edward Markey and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, plans to do.

The Green New Deal will keep us safe from climate change and create millions of new green jobs. It is a common-sense policy that is popular with the American people and people from all around the world.

I ask, why would we not want this? It is because many of our political leaders take massive sums of money from oil lobbyists. Please contact your senators and demand that they support the Green New Deal.

Mary Dunn