More than ever, we need solutions to our reliance on fossil fuels. This dirty energy mix pollutes our air and water, harms our landscapes and shores and contributes to climate-altering carbon pollution. Even worse, to the extent we use fossil fuels, we are wasting large amounts of the energy they produce.

A lot needs to be done, but there are solutions – including one right here in Maine. This year, the Legislature will consider proposed new efficiency standards for common appliances and products. Simply put, this bill would cut waste and slash emissions.

In Maine, by 2025, the proposed standards would annually save enough electricity to power 9,000 homes for a year and conserve as much water as 14,000 average U.S. families consume each year. The Appliance Standards Awareness Project has also found that the guidelines would prevent 30,000 metric tons of climate-altering carbon dioxide emissions from entering our atmosphere, which is the equivalent to taking over 6,500 cars off the road each year. And as an added bonus, the proposed standards would also provide annual utility bill savings of $25 million for Maine residents.

We all require energy for our daily needs. But it’s unacceptable to be forced to accept pollution and environmental degradation when we run products like our computers or faucets. As a result, I want energy-efficiency standards and will be asking Maine lawmakers to back this legislation. Now, I’m asking you: Will you join me in supporting these standards in Maine?

Makenzie Palladino