It was good news – wasn’t it? – to read that Mainers will receive direct economic benefits of $258 million, spread over 40 years from Central Maine Power for authorizing the powerline from Quebec’s hydropower sources to Massachusetts. And there are potential indirect benefits in the future because of suppressed energy prices here as Massachusetts expands the grid by buying this renewable energy. Good for Massachusetts. Good enough for Maine?

Let’s Make This Deal: Mainers tap directly into this carbon-free energy source, too, as those electrons flow right down our state. Quebec has the capacity. It moves Maine closer to its goals for renewable energy. It would provide actual lower energy costs to all Mainers – not just potential indirect future benefits via Massachusetts. We could use it, too! Fringe benefits of car charging stations and subsidies for low-income folks are welcome but not sufficient.

I’ve not heard the explanation as to why Mainers can’t get the carbon-free juice, too. Have you? Seems our negotiators are holding all the cards right now.

Douglas Posson