How ironic. In Thursday’s paper, a story by Staff Writer Deirdre Fleming described Maine’s efforts to choose a state bird, the choice being between the boreal and black-capped chickadee (“Maine legislators take testimony on state’s next avian ambassador,” Page B2). What lovely, feisty birds to survive and prosper through yet another Maine winter.

In the same day’s paper, another story, by Staff Writer Tux Turkel, raised the question of who funded the “Stop the Corridor” signs (“Ad blasts Mills on CMP line, but funding a mystery,” Page B1). Anyone with any environmental awareness should have done it. That proposed Central Maine Power transmission corridor would simply wreak havoc on Maine’s nesting birds.

I’m sure Maine Audubon could tell us exactly how many nesting birds would be displaced, with nowhere else to go. Massachusetts, maybe? And the chickadees, for all their iconic oomph, would be affected also.

Surely, surely, at some point the health of the planet and our unique part of it trump (no pun) money. Keeping the western end of Maine’s North Woods intact seems more important than any other considerations. But I guess I’m too naive for words.

Lucia Owen