Gov. Mills has recently come out in support of Central Maine Power’s New England Clean Energy Connect project. These are my concerns:

One, during the campaign, Janet Mills stated, “Until CMP demonstrates that their transmission line proposal offers concrete and long-term benefits to the people of Maine, rather than just to Quebec and Massachusetts, I have very serious questions about the proposal.” Mills flipped on the issue after a backroom meeting with CMP. CMP has not demonstrated any long-term benefits to Mainers. CMP has increased the temporary hush money, and that is the only difference.

Two, Gov. Mills states that “we cannot afford to do nothing” in regard to our carbon emissions. Hydro-Quebec is already up and running. There is no new power en route. They are already selling their power to New York. Massachusetts is offering to buy their power for a higher rate, increasing CMP’s profit margin. There will be no global net decrease in carbon emissions; there will actually be an increase once 2,000 acres of Maine have been clear-cut.

Three, Vermont has all the permits lined up and is ready to go for this project. CMP and Gov. Mills want to run it through Maine because Vermont will require them to bury the cable. Clear-cutting 2000 acres of continuous forest, ruining native brook trout habitat, destroying deer wintering areas and constructing 100-foot towers through some of the most scenic areas of Maine is cheaper.

I could go on but am limited to 300 words.

Don’t believe CMP or Gov. Mills. This is not about the environment – this is all about profit. They want to destroy our natural resources because it is the cheaper option.

Joseph Cousins