Flourish is an arts community at 140 Main St., Suite 105 in Biddeford. GRACE LAVERRIERE/Journal Tribune

BIDDEFORD — A local arts cooperative is flourishing in its second year in downtown Biddeford.

Flourish is a unique collective of artists located on Main Street. The collective holds a multitude of events referred to as “happenings” ranging from creative and performing arts, to visual and healing arts. Now in its second year, Flourish has grown into a community of inspired people, or “Flourishers.”

Flourish originated when artist Maribeth Amber was given the chance to create something new.

“I was sharing the rent (of the building) with someone else,” said Amber. “One day, he just left the whole thing for me to reinvent it.”

From that day forward, Flourish has grown into the inspiring space it is today.

There are a variety of happenings spanning from yoga, meditation and belly dancing, to expressive painting, film screenings, Performers Showcase, and Wellness Salons.

The Wellness Salon offers mini healing sessions for the public to get a feel for what a full session is like before signing up.

“The Wellness Salon introduces people to all these healing modalities they may never have heard of,” Amber said.

Flourish is a space where there is no  judgement, and there is a community of Flourishers who practice total acceptance.

A happening where many Flourishers come together to support one another is the Performers Showcase. Performers can present their own poetry, music, stories, dances, and so much more.

“The (showcase) is so diverse,” said Flourisher and poet Sandy Duross. “You can hear a pin drop during the event. People come to listen to the performers.”

Another happening that focuses on sharing art forms is called Chill Night.

“I like people to share their talents,” said Flourish coordinator John Bryson. “(Their contribution) adds to the community, and there are no judgements.”  

In addition to performance-based happenings, there are also more intimate happenings such as the Mystical Soiree. During the soiree, there can be psychic readings, Tarot Cards, and pendulums.

“We’re working on making (Mystical Soiree) more interactive,” said Bryson. “It’s all about connecting with your higher self and gathering tools to use in your life to make your life easier.”  

The atmosphere in Flourish is inviting and positive. Because there’s such a warm and welcoming basis here, someone might want to come just to feel comfortable, Duross said .

The diverse extent of happenings that go on at Flourish ensures that there is something that can reach a wide range of people. The calendar of happenings and business hours can be found on the Flourish website: flourishme.life.

“When you come in (to Flourish), you’re feeling a high vibration of love,” said Amber.

The community of Flourishers is ever growing. Duross said no matter the age group, people just connect.

Flourish is a place to go to feel empowered when you enter, while you’re there, and when you leave. Amber said everyone brings their own contribution. The collection of different art forms really makes for a unique space and community.

“The variety of people that come and find a home here is just amazing,” Duross said.  

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