I’ve been disabled 15 years now with cluster headaches.

I’ve been on medical marijuana for six years.

Marijuana is the only thing that helps me with pain, but I can’t afford growing it or buying it. Many caregivers have helped the best they can by giving me discounts, but they can’t do it forever.

I’ve called Augusta many times, but they got no answers. So, why isn’t there a program to help me?

My doctors get paid by the state because my Social Security disability income is less than $10,000 a year. My hospital stays and all my other prescriptions are paid for, but not my marijuana. Why isn’t the state picking this up? It’s a prescription like my others.

My primary care provider has tried twice to get me dronabinol (synthetic marijuana), but the state says “no” because I’m not dying.


I want off my other prescriptions now, before it’s too late. So, why can’t I get help? I don’t want to be addicted to the drugs I’m on. This hellish ride has been 15 years in the making..

The state makes money from taxes on gambling, gasoline and cigarettes and is trying to tax pot – they even sell alcohol and tax it!

Drug addicts get help paying for Suboxone. They get naloxone free to bring them back from the dead, too.

When I buy pot, my bills don’t get paid.

I’ve worked in this state since 1973. I’ll be 60 this month. There must be something the state can do besides reap all the benefits!

People who weren’t even born here get better benefits than I do, and I’ve labored 45 years more than they have!

I urge the state of Maine: Please help me!

Scott Grant

New Gloucester

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