In her Feb. 21 letter (“Ogunquit recall shouldn’t proceed if it can’t withstand legal scrutiny”), Mary V. Buck gives the impression that 260 registered Ogunquit voters “out of 1,217 registered voters” signed each of the three recall petitions for Select Board members Charles Waite III, Madeline Mooney and Robert Winn Jr. It would be true if all 1,206 (not 1,217) actually voted.

According to Ogunquit’s charter, in order to begin the recall process, the signatures of 25 percent of those registered voters who voted in the most recent gubernatorial election are required. During the 2018 gubernatorial election, 865 residents voted. As a result, to move forward with the recall, 215 signatures (25 percent) would be needed per Select Board member being recalled.

In approximately three weeks, an average of 255 signatures were acquired for each of the Select Board members in question. Ms. Buck indicates that by proceeding with the recall, that the negative publicity would damage the lives and reputations of the three Select Board members. It isn’t about ego – it’s about what is best for those living and visiting Ogunquit.

Since the recall began, there has been overwhelming additional support for the process. Unfortunately, many fear harassment, either in person or phone calls.

There are business owners who fear retribution by those opposed to the recall, which would affect their business, and prefer to remain anonymous.

Placing the number of signatures in perspective, during the last two Select Board elections, held in 2017 and 2018, an average of 583 registered voters actually voted: 564 in 2017 and 603 in 2018, according to the town clerk. Less than 50 percent of Ogunquit’s registered voters actually vote. Drop the lawsuit! Save Ogunquit taxpayers the expense! “Let Ogunquit vote!”

Jim Ronsivalli


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