Trust in Tedford 

I write to express my trust in the work of the Tedford Housing board and staff. These qualified people have the experience and wisdom necessary to envision the physical space and programming needed to respond to the unacceptable reality of adults and children – often families – in our community, who have no place to shelter, even on a temporary basis.
The causes of homelessness are many and call for informed and compassionate response. But while we spend time searching for solutions that will work for Brunswick, we must not lose track of the truth that there are people in our community who have no place to live! They are subject to suffering and desperation that could be alleviated with timely, appropriate action by those of us lucky enough to find our lives more secure than theirs. 
Extending the moratorium on shelters only postpones crucial planning and action needed to alleviate this humanitarian crisis. The reality of homelessness will not go away just because we postpone our attention, or worse, look away.
Cathey Cyrus, 


Bath needs Paulhus 

Sean Paulhus is running for election to represent Bath in the State House, a seat that became vacant with Jennifer DeChant’s departure earlier this year. Yes, Sean’s priorities are the same as those important to all of us: lowering healthcare costs, creating good-paying jobs, investing in our children’s future. What Sean can bring to Augusta is a proven history of dedication and hard work on the Bath City Council, and experience in the workings of state government through positions as Maine Senate Sergeant-at-Arms and Assistant to the State Auditor. In other words, he can hit the ground running. 

Bath needs Sean Paulhus in the State House. Be sure to vote on April 2. 

Linda Hjortland, 


Sener should represent Bath 

I highly recommend a vote for Ken Sener. He is a very conscientious and honorable man. He cares about the state of Maine and the city of Bath. I truly believe he will be very attentive to the needs of his constituents in Bath.
He served in the Navy for over 25 years and was an aviation captain. He has his MBA from the University of Texas and holds a degree in environmental technology from the Florida Institute of Technology and worked for IBM for many years.
He has been a resident of Bath for over 20 years. I urge you to vote on April 2. Every vote is crucial. 

Dick Hill,