Most small business owners struggle with finding enough time in the day to get everything done. Many have a list of goals but don’t have the bandwidth to execute. Hiring someone full time for administrative support or project management adds to overhead which might not be financially feasible. These are growing pains and every business experiences them. So, how can businesses alleviate some of this pain?

In 2013, Lovering & Associates was founded by owner, Audrey Lovering, and began providing project management, administrative support, content writing and editing of documents, and meeting facilitation services. The team’s diverse work experience and knowledge allows them the ability to offer a variety of on demand support services.

Over the past five years, Lovering & Associates has worked with local governments to entrepreneurs. Each client has specific pain points that need to be addressed. While Lovering offers a suite of services, they’re not cookie cutter, by any means. Creative solutions are customized based on the individual client’s needs. For example, a very public project might require PR services and someone to strictly manage communications.

“During MDOT’s 2-year construction project to rebuild Rte 1 through Thomaston village, the Town turned to Lovering & Associates. Audrey handled all public questions, concerns, complaints, etc. She published biweekly updates and liaised with the press. By outsourcing this work, Town staff could perform their regular duties and the public was better informed than would otherwise have been the case,” John Fancy, Project Manager for Thomaston stated in a testimonial.

Clients seek professional assistance for either inspiration or out of desperation. Lovering & Associates can assist both the inspirational and desperate client. Clients can expect seasoned executive, administrative, and project management professionals, and most importantly, peace of mind.

Seeking inspiration or bordering on desperation? Take control of your future goals, plus receive the support you need to grow. Contact Lovering & Associates for a free, no-obligation conversation and quote at 207-899-6925. Learn more about the services they offer at