Voters should have say on Brunswick fire station spending 

The Brunswick Town Council is in the midst of considering approval of a new fire station. There seems to be general agreement that something needs to be done to replace main fire station. The cost, which would be bonded over a number of years, has yet to be determined although it will apparently exceed initial estimates. As with the new school now under construction, this will have a major impact on Brunswick property taxes for years to come and deserves voter approval. The Town Council has made a good effort, through public hearings and workshops, to give residents a chance to be heard. Nonetheless, I believe it is essential that the proposed expenditure be submitted as a referendum to Brunswick voters for approval. 

Charles L. Updegraph, 


Paulhus will fill void left by DeChant 

I’d like to thank Jennifer DeChant for her hard work on behalf of the people of Bath over the last six years as our state representative and wish her the best in her new endeavors. Though we hate to see her go (she recently resigned her District 52 legislative seat), we do have the chance to send another person to Augusta who I think will serve with the same passion and thoughtfulness she did. 

Sean Paulhus grew up in Bath and is now raising his own family here. His work on the Bath City Council for the last 10 years and his various jobs at the State House, such as serving as Maine Senate Sergeant-at-Arms, provide him with valuable knowledge of both state government and the needs of the Bath community. As our city grows with newcomers from Portland and other unaffordable locales, Sean Paulhus’ roots in Bath will be critical in helping shape its future. From education to housing and health care issues, our representation in Augusta has never been more important. 

Be sure to vote at the Bath Middle School on April 2 in the special election. You can also go to the City Clerk’s office and vote early or visit or call to request an absentee ballot. I hope you will join me in voting for Sean Paulhus, a Bath native who can take his seat in Augusta in April, and immediately jump into the business of the people. 

Lorry Fleming, 


Sener will work hard for Bath 

My dad, Ken Sener, is running for the Maine House of Representatives. Growing up in Bath, my dad was often away – serving in the Navy, and with IBM. As an adult, I understand and value his sacrifice and commitment to family and country. 
My parents wanted my sister and I to have the sense of community you find in a small town. Bath is home to generations of my mom’s family. My dad declined big city job offers, and in 2000, my family returned to Bath, where my mom’s roots run deep. Despite currently residing in Texas, Bath is home.
Dad is the person that always goes the extra mile. With our home being close to Morse High School, friends were often there during open periods and before sports practices. Even if I was unable to join, my friends would stop by to grab snacks. I forgot to warn my dad about this on one of the few weeks he didn’t have to travel. He thought a break-in was happening when some of my friends came crawling through the kitchen window we kept unlocked at the time. Being a good sport, he made them omelets. After that our house became an ever more popular destination for home cooked food, good conversation, and sometimes even help with Spanish or math homework. 
With so many accomplishments to be proud of, my dad is humble. His respectful demeanor is well-suited for listening to and collaboration with people that hold different opinions. While living in Annapolis, I met Naval Academy instructors who had trained under my dad or were peers. They had the utmost respect for him. I am proud of him, and words cannot express how humble I am to be his daughter.
The laws made in Augusta are important. We need a serious representative with good experience and judgement to serve our community – that’s my dad. Everyone who has met him knows how hard he will work to serve the people of Bath. 
I am asking you to vote for Ken Sener on April 2. 

Elizabeth Sener 

Austin, Texas