In the March 16 Los Angeles Times editorial, a number of possible factors are listed that do, or may, help explain why the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to ground the Boeing 737 Max planes was so delayed.

One factor is what President Trump and people at Boeing talked about between the time of the first crash and this second crash. Another is why Trump was involved in the ways that he was after this second 737 Max crash. No doubt there are other factors that influenced the Boeing and the FAA decisions. Certainly it is important that we learn a lot more about the relationship Boeing and Trump have had.

Boeing contributed $1 million to Trump’s inaugural committee. In my view, this is yet another time that Donald Trump is not acting in the best interests of our citizens, and not acting in an ethical way, but instead is acting only as head of Trump & Trump Business/Money/Power Inc.

We learned recently that with the right amount of money, you really can buy admission to even the most elite colleges. Why would we doubt that the right amount of money buys you days, weeks and months keeping the flying public using your product when you do not know for sure what the main problem was and the answer has yet to be documented, although you’ve announced that you are working on it, and you have a pretty darn good idea what the problem is and you are trying to fix it (but as yet have not)?

Let the investigations continue!

Louise Davis


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