Teresa McCann-Tumidajski of the Maine Right to Life Committee wrote a clear op-ed (March 21) on why she would like Maine to not enlarge women’s right to abortions. I understand the point of view of her and other right-to-lifers. I agree that life is sacred.

What I would like to know is: Where are the right-to-lifers when women without insurance are pregnant and cannot get adequate health care? Where are they when poor women give birth to babies and cannot afford food, rent and utilities? Where are they when women need day care so they can try to work and improve their situation?

The right to life movement seems to stop all concern at approximately six months of pregnancy. That is nice but narrow. It does not really do enough.

If you really want to save lives, be concerned for children born to children or children born in dire poverty or children born to addicts. These children have a right to a decent life, too. Where are these right-to-lifers then?

Valerie Razsa


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