BRUNSWICK — Midcoast Humane Society has launched an initiative to help some unlucky local animals in need.

No Paw Left Behind is a campaign that helps long-term, overlooked shelter dogs and cats find homes. The program promises that every animal will be ready to be adopted within 90 days of coming into the shelter.

According to Dr. Mandie Wehr, the director of shelter operations, 64 animals waited three months or longer to be adopted last year.

The average time that a cat or dog waits for a home is between seven and 10 days.

Sherman, a Lab mix and staff favorite, was up for adoption for 194 days before his forever family took him home in January, Wehr said. Maui, an 8-year-old cat who is on a special diet to shed a few pounds, has been at the shelter for more than 200 days. Shasha is a 9-year-old pit bull who has been at the shelter for close to a year.

Compared to the average dog and cat ready to be adopted in 2018, the longest-term dog sat 12.5 times longer, and longest-term cat waited nine times longer to find a home.

“Some people look over these animals because they are older or have special needs, but these older animals know who they are already,” Wehr said. “People sometimes look past animals that need a specific environment, such as being the only animal or not living with children.”

No Paw Left Behind will in some cases waive the adoption fee for certain animals.

“Our trained adoption counselors make sure animals go to the right home and that it’s a great fit on both sides, but if the fee-waived adoption sparks someone’s interest, then it’s worth it,” Wehr said.

Many people also pass over long-term residents because the animal doesn’t “show well” at the shelter. However, according to Wehr, post-adoption surveys have revealed that these hard-to-place animals thrive in their new homes.

The campaign has a Facebook page at The community can help by donating funds and supplies, providing in-kind advertising and sponsoring animal adoption fees.

“Even if you aren’t considering a pet, look on our Facebook page and share our posts,” Wehr said. “You might change your mind or find a pet for a friend or family member.”

Patti McDonald can be reached at 780-9123 or [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter: @pmcdonaldme.

Maui, who is around 8 years old, has been at Midcoast Humane Society in Brunswick for more than 200 days.

Shasha, a 9-year-old pitbull, has been at Midcoast Humane Society in Brunswick for close to a year.

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