“We, not religion, not society are to blame for repression. In a repressive society, everyone connives to repress everyone else.”
Marty Rubin, gay activist and author

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has ended his investigation about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, and supposedly (at the time I am writing this column) there will be no more indictments. Personally I am sick and tired of all the political – I’ll be nice as I can be here – mudslinging that is happening in our nation’s capital. It’s unfortunate that even if the whole report is released, things won’t change in the least.

The hardest pill for Trump haters to swallow is the fact that the report clears him of colluding with the Russians during his presidential election. I purposely said “haters” instead of “Democrats,” because there are a lot of people on all political sides that hate Trump and would love to see him removed for any reason. When I was stationed at the Pentagon I often went to the White House, even during the   during the Watergate affair. The president of the United States was my commander-in-chief whether I liked it or not, so all I could do at that time was march on.

You can bet that, even though members of Congress have been given a letter highlighting Mueller’s report, the nasty political climate will not calm down. It is sad as well as unfortunate that some in politics are full of so much hate nothing can influence their beliefs, even the truth. I will add that I hope another Republican can outsmart Trump in the next election for president, but unless something unexpected happens I cannot foresee anything like that happening. So the name-calling and spittle will increase in intensity, which will cause even more people to be disillusioned with our country’s politics and politicians.

I have to guess that Republicans are from Saturn and Democrats are from Uranus or maybe it’s the other way around. In other words, never shall the two ever agree again, at least not until the 2020 election cycle if the massive super volcano under Yellowstone National Park doesn’t erupt first. Trump opponents will only ramp up their rhetoric and some undoubtedly will dismiss Mueller’s report as garbage. I hope most it can be released, but I have a sense that would only increase the political turmoil our country is facing.

Maybe our nation’s problems stem from the dinosaurs that live off of our tax dollars. I firmly believe the largest mistake that voters have ever made is allowing political relics to stay in office forever. Even in Maine, which touts itself as having term limits for legislators, there are rumors that at least one state legislator has been in office since 1820 when Maine became a state. There has to be a reason why that has happened and I have this sense it really isn’t about us but them instead.

Lane Hiltunen of Windham believes when legislators mandate something they should be the ones paying for it.

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