As a twice-decorated veteran who oscillates between pro and con when it comes to our draft-evading president, I can forgive that along with forgiving Jane Fonda, aka “Hanoi Jane.” What is hard to forgive is Donald Trump’s tirade about the Honorable John McCain.

I wish Trump had remained silent on the subject. I know that’s an impossible request but, again, I wish he had.

McCain’s refusing his captors’ offer of early release from the prisoner-of-war site, aka “The Hanoi Hilton,” earned him additional mental and physical torture, as well as over two years in solitary confinement. With that in mind, to besmirch this honorable man after his death is totally unacceptable.

Active members of our military are not allowed to critique their commander in chief about his awful tirade about this late honorable hero. But the rest of the people can and should protest en masse.

Let’s all hope and pray that President Trump will finally let this matter rest.

Frank Slason


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