Please reconsider your cancellation of “Non Sequitur”!

I didn’t see the “accident” on Feb. 10 or the explanation for the strip’s dismissal (March 17, Page A1), but I wondered what happened. How many people actually saw this error in judgment, meant as a joke, followed by a forgotten erasure? How many people were actually upset by this?

I actually accomplished the same feat in third grade with a different word. I scribbled a new swear word on the board at recess to show off to my friends and forgot to erase it. I only got detention, not expulsion.

I realize the paper must make money and has chosen to go more mainstream, but does the paper know how many longtime readers are tired of this leaning?

Burying “Doonesbury” on the Sunday Insight cover and making it so small that no one can read it without help is a prime example. Misleading headlines, showing “balanced views,” are another. Our news now comes as yesterday’s internet news, and written by other papers. I miss the old Portland Press Herald, where I could find accurate news, portrayed without bias, that allowed me to make up my own mind.

Punish Wiley Miller if you must – take him off the page for a time – but please don’t take away one of our few small pleasures. My subscription is hanging on by a thread as it is, and “Non Sequitur” was one of my few reasons for keeping it. Well, that and my faithful delivery guy, so please, take a poll and let readers decide!

Elizabeth Kellett


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