Thank you to the Advisory Committee that studied the issue of where to locate a proposed skateboard park in South Portland, as reported in the Press Herald (“South Portland skate park site facing a battle,” March 25, Page B1).

A lot of time and money has been spent to choose a location that meets the criteria of the “best spot,” taking into account visibility, proximity to schools, public transport and bathrooms, etc. The study was thorough.

I am dismayed that a neighborhood group in the Legere Park area is objecting to such an addition to the park. It seems their reason for not wanting the park is elitist.  The statement that the park is “not part of the vision for the revitalization of Knightville” causes me to feel that some have forgotten our down-to-earth roots.  Knightville is a community of hardworking neighbors looking out for one another. It would be very sad if we start to feel exclusive because our area is becoming more popular.

Let’s give our teens and young adults access to a healthy outdoor activity right in our own backyard.

Susan Hall

South Portland