I am not surprised that the Republican Party is opposed to ranked-choice voting (“Top Republican assails ranked-choice voting,” April 2, Page B3).

The end result of ranked-choice is a winner with a majority vote, and that makes their style of divisive politics impossible. If you can rule with a minority, you can afford to drive wedges and shatter the common purpose of the country. Whoever leads the town, county, state or country should have a majority of the people in support, not as a desired polling number but a requirement for office.

Runoff or instant runoff – it doesn’t matter. Either way, people get two chances to vote. The important thing is the majority. Ranked-choice would be quicker in practice if the machines in the towns were designed and programmed for it. It isn’t a black box and can indeed be done on a single piece of paper once the counts are in.

Runoff elections are clear and decisive, for sure. They give people time to think and muster support. They also cost a lot of money.

But majority rule has its problems if you are just holding on to power. So, I guess I understand. But I challenge U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: If you want a fair fight, how about one you actually have to win?

Robert Sessums

North Yarmouth

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