SOUTH PORTLAND – April is National Adopt-a-Greyhound Month, according to Friends of Maine Greyhound Facebook page, where you will find information about events, photos of adoptable dogs and other Maine Greyhound Placement-related information.

To celebrate, Nancy and Bruce Perkins of Maine Greyhound Placement Service out of Augusta hosted a meet-and-greet at Petco in South Portland, encouraging customers and visitors to adopt “one of these amazing dogs” who are “quiet, clean, gentle, good-natured dogs that adapt and get along well with children and other pets,” according to the organization’s website. Helping them were friends and fellow greyhound owners Glenn Pieri and his fiance Beth Epperson of Gorham.

Of course, they all brought their own greyhounds: Geddy, Cinnamon and Digger, the latter two belonging to the Perkins’.

According to its website, the Maine Greyhound Placement Service is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding loving, responsible homes for retired racing greyhounds who no longer compete on the racetrack. MGPS is operated by volunteers and depends on fundraising for its operating expenses.

They describe greyhounds as being “very intelligent, adaptable dogs who fit easily into their new homes following a brief adjustment period. They are eager to please and respond positively to any positive attention given them.”

Pieri said there are about 20 available greyhounds to adopt through the organization. Racing dogs from Florida eventually retire and are dispersed throughout the country, some of which end up in the hands of the Maine Greyhound Placement Service. All dogs are spayed and neutered before adoption, and the number of available dogs is always changing.


One misconception? They don’t need the exercise you think they need, Pieri said. After racing, they prefer a more sedentary lifestyle.

“They’re the world’s fastest couch potatoes,” Epperson said.

The organization does a meet-and-greet once a month. Pieri said it’s important to know, however, that the dogs at meet-and-greets are owned by people and are not up for adoption.

The organization will host an open house on June 22 and 23 at their kennel, Nancy Perkins said, where there will be food, a raffle, silent auction, kennel tours, an animal communicator, grooming and even a greyhound spa.

Epperson said the organization is “always looking for volunteers” at the kennel.

For more information and to see what dogs are available, visit, or call 847-0207.

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