Over 50 years ago, l learned in Catholic catechism that God made me and wanted me to be happy with Him in heaven.

God made me and He made you. Some of us are straight; some of us are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Some of us are cisgender; some of us are transgender. Some of us are white; some of us are black, brown, red or yellow.

Why all the variety? Because God runs His manufacturing system on genetics, which can get quite complicated.

As a God-fearing Christian, it’s not my place to tell God that He made a mistake, least of all hate someone God made. You might want to stop the bullying, stop the discrimination and stop the threatening.

Now. He may or may not be a vengeful God, but you’re likely to find out at the pearly gates when St. Peter asks you why you decided, on your own, to treat some of His precious children so poorly.

Steven Selva


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