My name is Ismail Warsame. I graduated from Portland High in 2004. I also am a University of Maine graduate with a bachelor’s in international relations and master’s in education. I am a former Portland resident and now live in Corvallis, Oregon.

I read the April 5 article titled “Portland man charged with murder in shooting death of Deering High grad,” about Isahak Muse’s murder by suspect Mark Cardilli Jr.

As a Somali American myself I was highly offended. It seemed as though the images used were reminiscent of Trayvon Martin’s case. They made the killer look younger and innocent.

Aside from the pictures, the content was just as bad. You went to great lengths in digging up every legal issue in the victim’s past while contrasting it with the glowing military service of the killer. How is that relevant? And did the author spend enough time and energy to speak with the Somali community?

I couldn’t accept that the Portland Press Herald would publish such an article about the situation with no sensitivity.

Ismail Warsame

Corvallis, Ore.