Eight local bakers will be showing off their buns at an erotic bake-off next week to raise money for a nonprofit group that teaches about healthy relationships and consent.

The event, called Hot Cakes, is part of Cirque du OH YAY: A Carnival of Consent, and will feature some of Greater Portland’s best bakers. Cirque du OH YAY is the annual fundraiser for Speak About It, a nonprofit group that holds consent education programs in schools across the country. The carnival will be held April 25 from 7 to 10 p.m. at Rising Tide Brewing Co., 103 Fox St., Portland, and will also include activities such as consent bingo, erotic tarot, a boudoir selfie station, lewd balloon animals, and a self-love dance hour.

Oronde Cruger, left, and Catherine Buxton taste Scattaloni Bakery’s cake pops. Photo courtesy of Speak About It

“We wanted to infuse more fun and positivity into our yearly fundraiser, in the same way we do with our education programs,” Olivia Harris, executive director of Speak About It, said in a news release. “When we picked a carnival theme, a board member immediately proposed the idea of a sexy bake-off. We often use cake as a metaphor when talking about consent to kids, and we love that there are so many bakeries in Portland.”

The eight bakers who will try to seduce the judges with their (baked) goods are: Brianna Holt, Tandem Bakery, Portland; Lindsay Torrey, Tin Pan Bakery, Portland; Lizz DeCotti, The Purple Whisk, Westbrook; Andrea Swanson, Scattaloni Bakery, Portland; Tara Canaday, Suga Suga, Portland; Genevieve Johnson, former Fore Street pastry chef; Lex Hart, formerly of Forage, Portland; and Megan Dauphinais, Speak About It educator and hobby baker.

Burlesque dancer Moxie Sazerac will host an erotic bake-off at Rising Tide Brewing Co. on April 25. Staff photo by Ben McCanna

The bake-off will be hosted by burlesque personality Moxie Sazerac. Submissions will be judged on aesthetic, taste, and creative interpretation. The judges will be Ilma Lopez, a pastry chef and co-owner of Portland restaurants Chaval and Piccolo; Ryan Adams, a muralist and owner of Better Letter Hand Painted Signs; Mariah Bergeron, a visual/performance artist and bartender at the Bearded Lady’s Jewel Box; and JanaeSound, a local musician and vocalist.

Non-alcoholic mocktails from the Bearded Lady’s Jewel Box will be available throughout the evening, along with beer from Rising Tide.

Tickets are available through spkabt.it/ohYAY.

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