A favorite Maine beer makes a cameo appearance in a new movie based on a book by one of Maine’s favorite authors.

A bottle of Allagash White, one of Allagash Brewing Co.’s most popular beers, appears in “Pet Sematary,” based on the Stephen King horror classic.

A bottle of Allagash White apparently makes an appearance in the new “Pet Sematary” movie, based on a Stephen King classic. File photo

Allagash Brewing in Portland shined the spotlight on the Belgian-inspired beer Wednesday, posting on Twitter: “We hear Allagash White is in the new @petsematarymov. Too scared to watch. Please confirm.”

The brewery’s followers – those who had seen the movie – were happy to certify that it does, indeed, play a tiny role in the film, which is about a mysterious burial ground for pets discovered deep in the Maine woods.

Makes sense. Drink enough bottles of Allagash White, and it’s sure to make you howl.

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