Re: “Letter to the editor: City manager recognizes need for Portland to rein in spending,” by John P. Rague (April 13):

I humbly offer my and my wife, Sharon’s, complete and unequivocal agreement with Mr. Rague on the subject of more consideration to the retirees living in Portland and praise for City Manager Jon Jennings.

Time is long overdue for those of us who are retired and chose to live in Portland, love it and wish to remain here, to speak out on the twists and turns the political and social scenes have taken in the 16 years since we left San Francisco, arriving here on a very cold, dark late December afternoon.

I offer this unappealing description of our arrival to prove it didn’t matter – we knew we had made the right decision! But, just like Mr. Rague, we, too, are beginning to question whether Portland is going to provide us with an adequate future or turn into another ultra-senseless, liberal city, not governed by consent, but by feckless demands.

Progress is endemic to our country’s growth, so to have witnessed its trajectory in Portland was inspiring up until now. On one hand, there’s positive activity in construction and bringing in new people; on the other hand, we’re losing our grip on the protection of retirees, residents who work here, homelessness, site ordinances, traffic controls, unfathomable tax increases and seemingly unreasonable spending for special interests.

It’s time to take a hard, clear look at this wonderful city’s future, and to apply common sense and intelligent judgment – for one and all.

Frank E. Reilly


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