Corporations exist to create profits. Corporations have nothing to do with democracy.

In a March 29 letter, Thomas R. DePeter, senior director of electric operations, Avangrid, Central Maine Power, et al., criticized me for my opinion of CMP and its relationship with Iberdrola Spain and Avangrid, and the Press Herald for publishing that opinion March 21 in the section clearly labeled “Opinion.” What he didn’t criticize was the pre-emptive nature of corporate law, which supersedes local laws and the democratic process that created them.

The 145-mile scar that will deface the state of Maine is only part of my issue. The other part is the signal our governor and the rest of our state government will send to the world, that Maine is open for predatory, international corporate business.

Is this really what the majority of us want in Vacationland? Does it really matter?

Alec Ferguson


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