I’m still chuckling over John Balentine’s column about using “tech to save the world.” I can’t decide if Balentine is ignorant, hypocritical or perhaps he just struggles with common sense. Maybe it is all three.

Balentine warns that the left is using fear to support the Green New Deal, while at the same time he promotes fear to oppose it. Balentine flat out lies about the facts when he claims the Deal promotes “killing all cows” and “banning air travel.” The Green New Deal seeks to solve the climate crisis by combining quick action to get to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. It supports family farms and promotes agriculture tactics that are technology feasible. It promotes making airports accessible by transit systems and the reduction of plane noise and pollution. It is a good starting point which exposes problems and suggests solutions, and it should be enacted so we can increase our efforts to clean up the only world we have, before it is too late.

Balentine just wants us to just keep destroying the planet with the whimsical hope that somebody, somewhere, will miraculously create a huge earth vacuum machine to magically undo the years of pollution that we have left behind.

Tim Doughty

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