For many years, Malcolm Bourgeois was among the nation’s best competitive archers for his age. Now 17, he has focused his efforts on lacrosse at Greely High – but he also loves hunting, fishing and playing the guitar. Staff photo by Carl D. Walsh

Greely High junior Malcolm Bourgeois, 17, of North Yarmouth knows how to maximize fun activities. For many years, his sporting passion was competitive archery and he became a New England age-group champion several times. Now he’s focused on lacrosse as a three-year starting defender for the 2018 Class B runner-ups.

Q: How long have you played lacrosse?

A: Since third grade.

Q: Have you always played defense?

A: Yeah, pretty much. I mean when you’re starting you kind of play all the positions but then I kind of found my way into defense around fifth or sixth grade.

Q: Why do you like the sport?

A: I’ve always had a lot of fun playing lacrosse and I enjoy doing things that are fun and make me happy. It’s a fun sport to be a part of. It’s a good sense of family and brotherhood among the team, which is nice.

Q: Last year Greely went to the state title game in lacrosse. How did it feel to be a part of that team?

A: It was amazing. Even though I suffered a knee injury early on in the season, a few games in. I didn’t come back until playoffs. To see how far we could take it, from my freshman season where we went (4-8) and didn’t even make playoffs to going to the state championship and losing in overtime to a team like Brunswick was pretty crazy.

Q: Were you close to (Brunswick’s Max Gramins) when he scored the overtime winner?

A: I was actually sliding to him while he took the shot and, yeah, it went right past me as I followed through with my hit.

Q: Do you find yourself replaying that play?

A: For a long time after that game, that play haunted me. I’ve probably watched that game a thousand times and it’s very motivating for this season and just how much potential we really have.

Q: You said earlier that you like to do things that are fun and you enjoy. What are some of  your other interests?

A: I like to fish a lot. I fish both saltwater and freshwater. Spin and fly. So I do a lot of it. And I also like to duck hunt. Just last summer I got my own 14-foot Jon boat that I set up all for duck hunting with a custom-welded duck blind.

Q: Three years ago, the Press Herald did a story on your talent in archery. How good were you?

A: Well, I started archery when I was very young. I got to be pretty good at it, pretty quickly. I started going to the Junior Olympic nationals in Massachusetts. And that was an extremely large competition, like 400 people shooting at once. That exposed me to a lot of heavy pressure at a young age which I think really helped with my lacrosse and being able to keep my composure. So, after I finished second in the nation when I was 14, a freshman in high school, I really wanted to focus on lacrosse and really started playing year-round and training for lacrosse year-round.

Q: Certainly it sounds like you enjoy being outdoors. Do you still get out an archery bow?

A: I haven’t recently but I have wanted to. That thought has crossed my mind occasionally over the last few months and I really do want to get it out again and shoot a few arrows.

Q: Did you ever hunt with your bow?

A: I did. When I was younger I did a lot of bow hunting for like turkey and deer and stuff like that.

Q: Do you feel like you’re someone who just has the ability to focus?

A: If I find something I’m really passionate about and interested in I think that drive and that motivation just comes right with it for me. And it’s sort of a natural thing which I think is a great trait that I have to be able to be motivated like that.

Q: Where do you see yourself in two, three years?

A: I definitely want to be playing lacrosse in college. I’m still keeping kind of an open mind, to both schools and potential majors. I do think I want to do something in engineering in the construction field. Construction management maybe.

Q: Another tidbit from that story was that you played musical instruments.

A: Yeah, I play the guitar. I used to play saxophone and the drum set but this past year I found myself on the guitar and I just have loved every single minute of it. I play every single day.

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