I state up front that I’m a Democrat, but I’m an independent thinker and voter. This is directed to our Maine Democratic and independent elected officials.

The Mueller report is in and the results are mixed. I’m glad there was no criminal conspiracy!

The non-decision by Robert Mueller about obstruction will be debated for decades. The obvious consequence of this portion of the report is that both the Democrats and Republicans will put their own spin and interpretation on this one point. They will both play to their base in the hopes of winning the White House. To continue on this road is a fool’s errand and a losing strategy! The Democrats will come off as petty, childish and a roadblock to any constructive reforms.

I suggest an alternative tack. If the Democrats and independents become the adults in the room and accept the findings outlined in the report conceding no criminal conspiracy and no definitive conclusion on the obstruction issue, then they can spend their energy on working on health care reform, immigration issues and other important matters.

These are issues that matter to me and I suspect matter to other Americans as well. This will show Americans that we can work together to do the country’s business and address the concerns we all have about the future for our grandchildren. In my opinion, this is the path that will lead to electing a president in 2020 who will be a positive force on the world stage.

It’s now up to our government leaders to make a decision. Which path will they take?

Steven C. Pomelow


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