CASCO — Casco has reopened its search for a new town manager after offers made to two finalists for the position fell through.

The town is searching for a manager to replace Dave Morton, who has been in the position for 41 years and is retiring in June.

The Selectboard received 22 applications for the position, according to Selectboard Chairwoman Holly Hancock. The board interviewed seven applicants, but “it just didn’t work out with our top choices.”

Morton said one of the finalists took another position and the other decided that the job wouldn’t be suitable due to personal reasons. He is hopeful that the board will find someone well suited to the position in the second round.

“We had a couple of really qualified folks,” Hancock said, “so we’ve readvertised with a deadline of April 30, and then we’ll see where we are.”

“It’s been 41 years since anyone’s hired a town manager, so it’s new for us,” she added.

Morton thinks that there is a shortage of town managers because “people are looking at the public sector as a difficult place to work right now.”

“People in the public sector walk around with a big target on their back. The divisiveness that we see at the national level, and we’ve seen in the recent past at the state level, I think trickles down a little bit,” he said.

Windham and Standish have also been working to hire new town managers within the past year.

Still, Morton has faith in his Selectboard: “They’re not going to settle. Their challenge is finding that person that’s going to be the best fit for the town.”

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Casco Town Manager Dave Morton is retiring in June after 41 years on the job.

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