I suspect I am not the only person fed up with all the hype, speculation, semi-facts, fake news, reasonable doubt, redactions and hypertensive blathering about the Mueller report, collusion and “possible” obstruction of justice. Not that the charges didn’t need to be investigated, but wasn’t it predictable that the conclusion would only be more noise? That’s our political and media world now – fair and balanced actionless hysteria between advertisements for drugs.

There is, however, a rock solid ground for impeaching this president: Donald Trump’s refusal to act on climate change is not an obstruction of justice but an obstruction to survival.

The science is conclusive, the clock is ticking, the indictment is a crime not just against humanity but also against all living plants and animals. A crime against the future. The first responsibility of any government is the public trust doctrine – to ensure that the environment we pass to subsequent generations is healthy and sustainable. We know that without immediate alleviating action we are headed for disaster. Any president, any elected official, not urgently insisting on all things green, has betrayed the public trust and should be impeached.

A perfect example of the status quo as a suicide pact is the launching of the $7,000,000,000 destroyer the Lyndon B. Johnson at Bath Iron Works on Saturday. Launching $7 billion worth of solar panels would have made us a lot more secure. And peaceful. I hope the ship’s commander will know how to aim his torpedoes and missiles at climate chaos.

Robert Shetterly


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