Mainers deserve a senator who represents their values, not the values of of President Trump. Yet Susan Collins is doing everything in her power to protect a compromised and corrupt president.

The Mueller report laid bare the president’s obstruction of justice. He offered pardons in exchange for lying to the special counsel. He directly ordered individuals to lie to the special counsel. He even ordered the firing of the special counsel, an order which was, amazingly, refused. Any reader can see that the Mueller report, to quote it directly “does not exonerate” the president. These are illegal acts, which should be prosecuted when the president leaves office.

But rather than take a stand against a morally bankrupt president, who accepted foreign election assistance, lied about it, and ordered subordinates to lie, Collins has meekly called the president’s behavior “unflattering.” An old sweater might be unflattering. Obstruction of justice is criminal. If Collins can’t understand the distinction, she has no place representing the good people of Maine.

Wells Lyons

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