We have lived in Cape Elizabeth since 1982 – 37 years. We have always had dogs until recently, when aging legs make walking them in the icy months a struggle.

So, we walk on the carefully maintained dog walk behind the kids’ playground at Fort Williams, taking much delight in all the dogs playing with one another, greeting us and running free for a little winter exercise. It is truly a high point of our day, and for many other older, now-dogless friends.

The dogs are full of joy and energy. Ninety-nine percent are very well behaved. So are their humans.

In many years of walking amid the dogs, all the poops have been picked up. Never an issue.

Please do not ban dogs off leash in Fort Williams. And please always keep the park open and welcoming to everyone, and free. It is one little generous gesture Cape Elizabeth can offer to Maine and beyond.

Walden S. and David N. Morton

Cape Elizabeth

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