It is time for Sen. Susan Collins to retire. She pledged to serve only two terms, in order to make a contribution and then come home to let someone else take her place. She broke that promise and many Mainers, including me, believe she has broken another pledge: to be an advocate for her constituents. She has chosen to put party over people.

At one time Sen. Collins was a moderate, demonstrating she would represent the independent values of her constituents. No longer – she has lost her way. Her voting record has shifted solidly to pleasing her party’s leaders vs. advocating for what Maine voters want. According to Congressional Quarterly, she has voted 87 percent with the Party of Trump, with its aggressive agenda set out by a Republican administration bent on inflicting damage to our country.

Sen. Collins’ response to the Mueller report? It was “an unflattering portrayal of the president.” An “unflattering portrayal” does not accurately describe a pattern of obstruction of justice conducted by the president of the United States! Another New England senator responded to the report by saying: “The severity of this misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty.” Collins has not.

Our government leaders must have the innate ability to fight for the facts, act not just speak, and inspire confidence in the people they represent. Sen. Collins is demonstrating none of these qualities. We need a leader who will stand up and not step back during challenging times. It is time for Sen. Collins to come home and let someone else take her place who really cares about Maine.

Sheila Menair


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