Re: “DHHS officials report progress on child protection reforms” (May 11, Page A1):

Reading your article regarding the current Department of Health and Human Services investigation into the mistreatment and deaths of several children in the agency’s care, I was struck by the curious absence of one name: Mary Mayhew.

Since she was DHHS commissioner during most of the LePage administration, it would seem appropriate to hear her thoughts. As I recall, she rarely failed to shy away from promoting herself publicly for her leadership in reducing DHHS staffing levels and other budget-cutting efforts.

Perhaps those poor children might still be alive today had Ms. Mayhew taken more pride in making sure DHHS actually provided the protective services they clearly needed rather than currying favor with a tax-obsessed governor and his equally myopic Republican-led Legislature.

I, for one, would love to hear all of them explain themselves.

Steven Powers


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