The Maine Death with Dignity Act (L.D. 1313) will give the dying a choice

Michelle Matt died on Dec. 22, 2017, after suffering through the final three weeks of her 10-year battle with breast cancer. She did not have a choice in her manner of death.

In the final three weeks of her life, she endured ever worsening confusion, agitation, immobility, inability to speak or to recognize members of her family, loss of control of bodily functions, inability to eat or drink and, during the final two days, loss of pain control despite increasing her pain medication.

She helplessly experienced prolonged physical suffering because she had no other option. Her family members helplessly endured prolonged emotional suffering because she had no other option.

It’s not euthanasia, or mercy killing, or assisted suicide. It’s giving a mentally competent individual, who meets the very strict requirements of L.D. 1313, the option to die with dignity and peace of mind.

I urge the legislators and the voters of Maine to vote in favor of L.D. 1313, the Maine Death with Dignity Act.

Francis Dore


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