Gordon Weil’s column “Election could be tainted by conspiracy claims” in Saturday’s paper is rich with targets, but I will limit my rebuttal to a select few:

1.“The Washington Post Fact Checker, generally regarded as the best in the country.”

Regarded by whom?  The Washington Post?  The New York Times?  CNN and MSNBC?  Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters?

2. “A conspiracy balloon should be propped by solid facts reported by the independent media relying on evidence.”

Like the Mueller Report popped the “collusion” balloon?

And exactly who is the “independent media?” USA Today? The National Enquirer? People Magazine? CBS News?

3. “Opinion is offered as if it were a news report.”

Have you not proofread any of your own columns?

4. “A wide sense of cynicism exists, making suspect any objective journalism.”

Where can I find some of this “objective journalism” you mention?

Finally, when was the last time a Republican won the presidential election and the Democrats did NOT claim it was an illegitimate outcome?

Rufus T. Firefly