The skate park in Sanford recently got an upgrade and several folks got together one day earlier this month to mark the occasion and have some fun. COURTESY PHOTO/Sanford Recreation Department

SANFORD — The skate park in front of the Sanford Springvale YMCA on Emile Levasseur Drive is back with a new look and more features, said Sanford Recreation Director Alan Grady. With grants from the Maine Community Foundation the department was able to buy some new riding elements, including a recently finished half pipe, and there’s a new post and beam fence as well.

About 25 people enjoyed the new half pipe on a day earlier this month, Grady said.

“Skate board, scooters and riders maneuvered in and around one another throughout the elements,” he said. “Tim Johnson was riding his bike while his 5-year-old son Emmitt scootered throughout the course.”

“Tim stated that he was really pleased that the city has continued to clean up and invest in the skate park over the past few years,” said Grady. “It has become a real asset for him and his son to enjoy some quality time together.”

When Grady asked what Emmitt liked most about the skate park, he got an immediate answer.

“I like to go fast on my scooter,” the youngster said.

“It is a great place to for me and my friends to be active outside to hang out because there aren’t a lot of places in the community to hang out” said teenager Gavin Michaud.

The work couldn’t have been done without the assistance of volunteer Mike Bagley and TC Hafford Basement Systems, Grady said. He said Bagley helped coordinate the effort, including volunteer recruitment, assistance on selecting equipment and installation support.

“The YMCA has also been an incredible asset during the project, as they have finished landscaping the area and provided some much needed green space,” Grady said. “They’ve also been assisting in maintenance and ongoing cleanup of the area.”

Sanford Springvale YMCA Director Andy Orazio said his organization is happy to help.

“The YMCA is delighted to be partnering with the Sanford Park and Rec Department to improve the skate park and surrounding area,” said Orazio. “ The skate park is a valuable resource to provide our youth with an active outlet and enhancing the opportunities for participation. It is a testament that when we work together we can accomplish so much more. “