Joshua King

BRUNSWICK — A private music teacher who was already charged with unlawful sexual contact faces an additional 19 counts concerning alleged contact with the same victim, who is now 9 years old.

Joshua King, 32, now has been indicted on 25 counts of unlawful sexual contact with one of his music students at The Music Store in the Tontine Mall in Brunswick between January 2017 and January of this year.

He was indicted on the 19 additional counts by a Cumberland County grand jury in February.

The additional counts are the result of a police investigation into King’s history with the student, and do not allege any additional victims. All 25 counts are Class B felonies, crimes punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine. Many of the court documents detailing the results of the investigation have been sealed because the victim is a minor.

The 25 counts each cover a month between January 2017 and December 2018, as well as an alleged incident on or around Jan. 2. All the alleged assaults happened in Brunswick.

Brunswick police initially arrested King on Jan. 3 on six counts of unlawful sexual contact with the student.

According to his bail conditions, King, who lives with his parents in Wiscasset, can’t have direct or indirect contact with the alleged victim or any one under age 18 except as is necessary through supervised contact by one of his parents.

Jerry Perron, the owner of The Music Center, said King hasn’t been associated with the business since the start of January.

Perron sent a letter Jan. 9 to all students who take music lessons at The Music Center and their families to inform them of King’s arrest and to find out if there were additional victims. No other alleged victims came forward, he said.

“Prosecutors have asked us to do the same thing and a letter is about to go out,” said Brunswick Police Cmdr. Mark Waltz on Tuesday. The case is still under investigation, he said.

Michael Turndorf, King’s attorney, said Tuesday his client has pleaded not guilty.

“He has from the moment he had contact with police, professed his innocence, and that’s where it is and I expect that’s where it’s going to remain,” he said.

Turndorf said King was one of the most popular music teachers at the center. He said the room where the alleged offenses took place is not isolated from the rest of the store or soundproofed and the walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling, “so whatever sounds do or don’t come from that room can be heard just outside from the door where the teaching room is located.”

Turndorf said the prosecution gave a one-sided presentation to the grand jury where the defense wasn’t able to speak, and “just filled in those dates.”

“There is zero physical evidence,” Turndorf said.

The Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office did not return a phone call seeking comment Tuesday afternoon.

King is scheduled for a conference with a judge, prosecutor and his attorney at Cumberland County Court on July 25.

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