I write in response to the letter Curt Slocum of May 23.  He states that dehumanization is “the foundation upon which Planned Parenthood has constructed an industry.”  

Mr. Slocum should consider that his pro-life position is founded on the dehumanization of the woman. Those who are pro-life state that the fertilized egg is a human being and has the rights of personhood. Personhood begins at conception when the sperm and egg meet. 

But what about the woman in whom that meeting takes place?  What rights does she have? It appears that her rights don’t matter; the “right to life” of the “unborn child” takes precedence.  Denied the human right to make her own decisions about her own health care, about whether or not to carry the pregnancy to term, she becomes enslaved to the pro-life position.  

Such enslavement is an atrocity.  What will history say if 50% of human beings are denied the right to make their own decisions about their own bodies and health care? 

Julia G. Kahrl,