There are several common-sense gun bills up for discussion in the Maine Legislature right now, including L.D. 379 (the safe-storage bill) and L.D. 1312 (the “red flag” bill).

As a clinical counselor, I believe we are in the midst of a full-blown public health crisis, one that won’t end until we do something about it. This is why I urge our elected officials to pass common-sense (not anti-gun) legislation as preventative measures.

I believe our Founding Fathers would have supported common-sense gun legislation. I do not believe for a moment that they intended for us to terrorize and murder one another with our so-called “right to bear arms” – which, by the way, applied to muskets, not highly technical weapons of mass destruction.

This country has gone to war over weapons that didn’t exist, but it seems paralyzed in the face of weapons of mass destruction that do exist. And meanwhile our children, young people and educators are on the front lines.

I believe in common-sense gun legislation. I also believe that responsible, law-abiding gun owners should not feel threatened. If they are of sound mind, common-sense legislation does not keep them from being able to own and operate firearms.


Lindsey Furtney


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