“In summer the song sings itself.”  William Carlos Williams

The faithful arrival of summer comforts us (although it felt like a long time getting here!)  Over flowing with beauty the season is generous with her authentic gifts. Summer in our state is a melody of the great out-of-door: a land of meadows, seashores, streams and lakes. The whispering wind increases the fragrance of the pines and furs. A peaceful feeling in a shady nook. A cooing breeze on a riverbank. Wild flowers on a hillside. Flowers rise from the earth becoming glorious gardens of color and the trees are suddenly adorned with green gowns.

Can you feel summer? I surly can.  Our smiles deepen, our laughter increases and hearts open as we begin this new season.  Maine, hugging our stunningly beautiful Atlantic coastline is a true vacation land. We pay tribute to the golden moonlight caressing the surging tide and the warm red glow at the end of the day when twilight touches the sky. What better way to have  fun and enjoy the goodness of life than embracing sun-washed memories inspired by the many rhythms and activities inside summer in Maine.

We want the beauty of our world to be experienced by everyone. In our community there are many organizations trying to be kind, gentle and supportive. Altrusa of Biddeford and Saco is an international non-profit organization making our local community better through leadership, partnership and service. They undertake a variety of service, literacy, fundraising and international projects each year. There members are from a variety of occupations and life styles, all sharing an interest in community service.

Altrusa is a team of people with unflagging   positive energy enjoying friendships, fun and satisfaction that comes from working together  for the benefit for others. They are seeking new volunteers.  For more information, please contact [email protected]

There is a colorful history of festivals and fairs in our wonderful state. Festivals in Maine are part of the landscape from the northern-most part to the southern-most part. Each festival has its own individuality.

It is a time for planning the 37th La Kermesse festival, a carnival like weekend celebrating Franco-American heritage in Biddeford. This is a truly community event that will be held on the St. Louis Field at the corner of West Street and Prospect Street in Biddeford.

Dates of the festival are Friday, June 21, Saturday, June 22, and Sunday, June 23, 2019. Please remember that the festival is being held on city / school grounds. No smoking will be allowed. All backpacks will be subjected to being searched.

If you are interested in being a crafter, vendor or merchant please call: La Kermesse Franco American Festival, c/o Field Space Rentals, P.O. Box 28, Biddeford, Maine, or visit lakermessefestival.com

Anyone who would like to participate in the parade must submit to:  La Kermesse /o David Jordan, 8 Chelsea Street, Saco, Me. 04072. Phone 229-2402.

Special thanks to Board of Directors, Executive Board, sponsors, volunteers, committees, officers and Jessica Quattrone, LaKermesse President.  “C’est Le Temp”

May I wish for all graduates happiness overflowing success and a promising future. Education, knowledge and opportunity are gifts that speak powerfully to our hopes, fears and deepest needs. For family and friends who played a part in the student’s education, it is your day as well. Congratulations.

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